30th of September : Team Rookies’ Last day of RGSoC ;)

Sep 30, 2016


30th of September : Team Rookies’ Last day of RGSoC ;)

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Today we tried to implement app update in our current api.js code.
It uses ‘promise’ in JS and fs.rename in Node.js.
So we started to review ‘promise’ and study how we can use ‘fs.rename’ in our project. Thepromise is really powerful to make the work/things asynchronously .

We can make the code composable with promise in JS.
After ‘.then’ it has a callback function.
Promise takes two arguments which is resolve and reject which is a function.
‘resolve’ handles ‘value’ and ‘reject’ handles ‘error’.
Instead of calling the callback, we can move success value inside of ‘resolve’ and failure value(error) inside of ‘reject’.
We read official documents and watched an interesting tutorial in Youtube.
(reference : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2d7s3spWAzo)

[Team Rookies’ Last day of RGSoC]
In our last call of RGSoC, we talked about ‘the past(what do you think it went well, how we have improved for 3 months), our schedule for the past three month, the future, where to see ourselves and how to contribute/collaborate, if we can continue working on our project.
We think that it’s been really great and amazing summer! A lot of helps and guidance from Gregor were really helpful. Having a skeleton of the project schedule helped us to see what is our goal and what can be our next step. Under this blue print, according to the situation and actual progress, we can make a detail schedule. This way made us think more flexible and gave us moments to think what we’re doing and repeat ourselves to remember important things for a long term.
Compared to beginning, we felt that we have improved a lot. In the beginning, we did not know what is issue, how to pull request, but now we can understand a workflow of our current project and see the big picture of how to make API and the desktop application.

Lastly, we’d like to be happy to continue working on our project or other Hoodie issues. For next 2 weeks, Gregor will move our current projects to Hoodiehq to make it as one of the official Hoodie project, so that more people can join the Hoodie desktop application project. We are really honored to hear this suggestion and we are happily continue to work on this project and help our contributors, if there are something we can do.

We really want to say “Thank you so much for this great opportunities”.A lot of people involved in the RGSoC program and Hoodie project and encouraged/helped us to move on day by day. Without supports from RGSoC, RGSoC organizers,Hoodie, mentor Gregor, coaches Esko, Omid and Musse and supervisor Pilar, all this special and happy summer was impossible. We never forget 2016 summer which were full of passion and happy. Thank you so much, everyone!!! ;D

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